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The Blazing Catalyst…Reporting from the Struggle.

Music to stir your heart and stimulate your mind.

With this FREE download comes a promise…


Nemesis De Catalyst is a Reggae Dancehall Gospel minister who places equal emphasis on edification (building up the saints) as on entertainment (bringing listening pleasure) to the audience.

Reggae Dancehall Gospel track.

2 Cor 12.19, We do all things, dearly beloved, for your edifying.

1 Cor 14.26 Let all things be done unto edifying.

This is what I have called Ministerial Music… music that will minister to your heart and spirit.

I believe this is true concerning my music, however I want you to have the opportunity to ‘taste and see‘…

So there’s a free download of my latest release, Mystery Tour which is a track from my new album waiting for you! All you gotta do is enter your name and email address and I can share it with you.

Not only that but we can build a relationship, and I can share more of my God-Inspired ministry of Reggae/Dancehall Gospel music with you.

You see life is like a Mystery and the journey of life is like a Tour. And God is the guide who orders our steps and directs our path. And the more sources of divine edification and inspiration we receive is the more we are able to navigate our course through this life.

DeCatalyst Muse-Ic exists to place the Muse back into Music. If you enjoy this free single, then please take a moment to check out the new album, Still Standing Strong.

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