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Who In Heaven Is Nemesis De Catalyst?

Here is the short answer.

I’ll give it to you in a question and answer format to get straight to the point.

Where am I from? – Hackney, London – parents Jamaica & Montserrat.

When did I become a Christian? – 1993 – Pentecostal.

Where do I live now? – Birmingham.

How long have I been doing music? – since 1995 performance wise.

Marital status – married, no children.

Musical inspiration – various incl gospel/reggae/dancehall/hiphop/pop/jazz etc…

Why am I doing music and what is my aim? – to share the messages of the kingdom & to enlighten others.

How is my music/ministry different from others? – The message – I will not release any material that leaves you wondering what genre of music you were listening to or what the message was.

My purpose is to serve musically, and to minister. If you are from a background where you are used to seasoned food, then I would say I will not serve up any ‘bland’ music.

I have heard so much music that is minus a message. I value your time and will not speak unless I have something worthwhile to say.

I feel deeply and passionately about my music and I hope that comes across to you. I believe that when you hear the music from Nemesis De Catalyst, it will inspire, motivate and stir you, and it will not leave you the same.

Here are Four questions about Gospel/Dancehall/Reggae music.

  1. Why should we sacrifice the message for a good beat, or riddim track?
  2. Why can’t we have both?
  3. Why should we compromise the message or even omit the message?
  4. Why should we make music or listen to music designed to sound like the world.

I believe that we are called to lead and not follow, innovate and not imitate.

So why not take the time to subscribe and join me on this musical and ministerial journey. I promise you, that the best is truly yet to come…

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