Nemesis presents; “Lord If You Hear” from his latest album – Still Standing Strong.

Lord If You Hear is a Gospel Reggae song with a healthy dose of the British “stiff upper lip”

The tracks opens in a TV reporter style, with Nemesis reporting in what could be described as the Queen’s (finest) English.
Gospel Reggae Your Majesty?

“Orften times the Christian experience can be quite bewildering to say the least. It seems as if one is praying, and ‘orften’ times, God is not listening to one”.

This intro is followed by an operatic style of singing combined with something like a Viennese Waltz. And then comes the Reggae style rapping, as Nemesis explains how there are seasons in our lives when God chooses to be silent.

The song takes us through a journey of feeling alone, conflicting emotions and ultimately to the victory of knowing that God is listening and that He will come through for us.

“I cannot begin to say just how many people I have spoken to in the last few months who are going through things in their lives. Situations, where they need God to do something for them.

These are not people who do not know or believe God! On the contrary many, just like Job, are being tried for that precise reason and they just need the reassurance from God that He is listening and that He does indeed hear”.

This song is a fusion of Nemesis’ musical experience and exposure, mixing the British culture and a classical sound with Caribbean culture and music.

It is also a fine example of Nemesis’ approach to his own brand of reggae gospel music. A song that carries the hallmark of experience, message and ultimately ministry to the hearer.

As Ephesians 4:12 teaches, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Surely even her majesty would approve…