I am compelled to write. In fact, it behoves me to write. I have said it before…life is about expression…communication of sorts. Meaning that it is essential for us to speak, say and express ourselves. It brings satisfaction as well as relief.

God's warm up act.One of my favourite characters in the bible is an obscure and curious character whose name was Elihu. He mysteriously appears in the book of Job although he was not originally there when the other friends of Job showed up. I looked it up in the bible while preparing this post and the commentary suggested that he was one of the original three friends of Job, but all three friends are named and Elihu is not one of them!

He is clearly younger than the other friends and feels intimidated to speak in their presence, even though he had something worthwhile and beneficial to say.

I love how the bible describes what he was experiencing and his innermost thoughts, because Elihu says (in Job 31: 17 – 20);

I also will answer with my share; I also will declare my opinion.
For I am full of words;the spirit within me constrains me.
Behold, my belly is like wine that has no vent; like new wineskins ready to burst.
I must speak, that I may find relief.

Like wine that has no vent… I can relate to that, especially when I have had to do things publicly (i.e. speak). It’s like my body knows it and my stomach starts churning as though…well you know what I mean… Let’s just use Elihu’s words “like wine that has no vent” that will suffice – don’t want to give tooo much information away here.

Thankfully Elihu does “declare his opinion” and (to me) what he said was more significant and relevant than all the others. And following on from Elihu speaking, there is this smooth transition to God making His entry.

Elihu’s account always inspires me not to hold back, but to press through the external (and internal) challenges in order to say my peace and “answer my share”.

And who knows, you may just be the one to usher in the presence of the Lord (as God’s warm up act) with what He has given you to share.