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1. Jesus
2. Lord If You Hear
3. Fatherless
4. After All
5. De’ Iconoclast
6. Dead Meat
7. De’ Middle East
8. Mystery Tour
9. Chill Out
10. Emptiness
11. No More Mr Nice Guy
12. Still Standing Strong

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The STAND OUT feature of this album is the fact that every track was birthed out of church services where the presence of God was moving and where the Rhema word was being preached.

Whether you’re looking for some uplifting Reggae/Dancehall Gospel music for yourself, or you want to bless someone else. There is no mistaking divine inspiration when you hear it!

Wow what an original sound! I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ragga meets Gospel! – Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Singer/Songwriter/Cellist

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