Cardboard-Casket-Coffin-CA-002-Today a dead man spoke to me…

What will your legacy be? I don’t know about you (obviously) but I am always fascinated when I hear a profound comment.

I become interested in the person who said it and what they are/were about. As I begin to research the person online and become more familiar with him/her, I feel like I am getting to know the person, on some level.

Just like as in friendships where there are people who we know more intimately and others less so. The same can be true when we come into contact with the ideas of others.

I feel that in the course of day to day life, we are somewhat deprived of meaningful and beneficial information, and inundated with nonsense and things which are meaningless and therefore of no advantage to our lives.

For me, I have found great benefit in looking back on the lives of inspired and pioneering individuals from generations passed, to draw from the insights that they had.

Here is one of my favorites, which I have found to be true “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.
Winston Churchill.

I cannot say how grateful I am that we have the means to access the thoughts, feelings, ideas and expressions from the individuals who have gone before us.

You see, whether we know it or not, we are heavily dependent on those that were here before. Their expressions and sentiments have great significance for our lives. In many cases they have experienced the same challenges and dilemmas that we have and maybe even currently face!

Therefore, I believe that life is about expression. Sharing is synonymous with life. We share common humanity, air, water, the food chain etc. Most of all we share thoughts, ideas, perspective, experiences, which in many cases are helpful to each other as we progress through life.

I’d like to think that while I’m alive and long after I’m gone, I will continue to meet others intellectually, and live on in the thoughts and expressions that I had. How about you?